What personal data we collect and why we collect it?

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We occasionally use software “cookies” (tiny data files sent to su questo sito and stored by the client computer’s web-browser software) to let you use our services more efficiently, and to let us keep track of statistical traffic information that helps us improve our Web site. One extremely valuable service provided by cookies is that they can save many preferences that you have established for navigation, searching, and shopping in your favorite Web sites. After your computer has requested and received a cookie from an Internet server, the cookie simply allows you to visit Web site pages repeatedly without having to reintroduce yourself each time you return. No other user’s computer on the Worldwide Web will have that same cookie, and only the Web site that issued that cookie can later retrieve it. A Web site can transmit one or (rarely) more cookies to the user’s browser software, and each may have a very different purpose. Cookies from our server contain only information which a user volunteers, or which guarantees the secure transmission of their data across the Internet, or which can automatically disconnect a user’s “log-in” session after a period of inactivity (in case you go to lunch but forget to “log off”).

The Fox Creek Website may not function correctly if the user’s browser software cannot accept cookies. Recent versions of Web browsers can be customized so that a cookie is always accepted — but only after the user is advised and consents. comprare pillole sesso

Cookie Choices in Your NETSCAPE® Browser:
Beginning with version 4.0, Netscape Navigator gives users the power to control cookies. In version 4.0 and higher, you can activate your “Cookie Alert” by pulling down the Edit menu and selecting Preferences. Click Advanced Settings at the bottom of the dialog box, and choose from the following:

Another option is for Navigator to warn you before accepting a cookie. Every time there is an incoming cookie, a dialog box will ask if you want to accept it.
Cookie Choices in Your MICROSOFT® Browser:
Beginning with version 4.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer gives users the power to control cookies. To enable cookies within Internet Explorer 4.0 and higher, select View | Internet Options and go to the Advanced tab. Scroll down to the Security section and select “Always accept cookies”. If the user wants to see each cookie that the browser receives, they should select “Prompt before accepting cookies” in the Advanced tab and a Security Alert dialog will appear before a cookie is accepted.

Before choosing to have your Web browser warn you of all incoming cookies, keep in mind that some web pages may have more than 100 cookies and you will be notified about each one separately.

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